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Directors Letter to Attendees

Sent May 14th 2020 / Eventbrite 


Dear All, 


I wanted to write to you to give you an update on where things stand with this summer’s WingJam.


Its been a crazy couple of months for all of us and though we have tried in all aspects to find a way to run WingJam this summer it is sadly looking impossible to do so. 


It is with a very heavy heart that we have taken the decision to postpone WingJam 2020 until next year, July 2-4th 2021. 


We are devastated and we have even planned and organised late summer date changes, however, with the situation so uncertain and unclear we don’t want to make a mistake and promise what we can’t deliver. 


Obviously want to ensure you and your loved ones’ safety as much as possible and we wouldn’t want to host a WingJam where we couldn’t party properly together. 


As for you guys, you have been incredible to us as the people that make all the effort put into the event worthwhile. When I first created WingJam in 2018 I had no idea then that we would grow to have such an amazing crowd of people and that such incredible chefs would join in. All throughout the year the messages you send us, the tags and the emails we get from you are the best and remind us why we do the show. 


We put our heart and soul into making WingJam as crazy as possible, rooftops parties, hiring beaches, finding pickups, working with our incredible sponsors and partners who to give out cocktails and hot sauce , blasting TOTO until midnight and so on – it is truly devastating to have to put that on hold, but we know that we can get through this and come back better!  


We now have to ask something from you now that will secure the future of WingJam. 


We’re asking you to just hold on to your tickets from this year – they will be 100% valid for 2021’s event and if we can run an event sooner (October / November) they will of course valid for that. 


By holding on to your ticket you will secure the events future,


Now we would not go to ask that of you without giving you something in return, as do really value you and would never in a million years have dreamed that this pandemic would ravage our show in the way it has - so I’m thrilled to announce we will also be offering the registered purchasers of WingJam 2020 tickets a free ticket to a new event: Savour London, taking place in Summer 2021 *and launching very soon. 


Also I want you to know, that if it is possible that we can accelerate and get WingJam going this year, we will do everything in our power to do so – but we are postponing all events ‘officially’ until 2021 as we think this is the safest path and we don't think that putting up plastic sheets and keeping everyone apart is the right thing the show that we made to enjoyed to the fullest. 


We at WingJam are missing you, and would love to hear form you. If you have any questions at all send us an email any time. 


Thank you all so much for the incredible support so far, we hope you are all well and stay healthy and we cant wait until this is over. 


Very best, 

Director WingJam

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