Whats a WINGJAM?

Started in 2018 WingJam is a three day chicken wing Festival


Featuring 15 of the UK's best Chicken Wing restaurants, street Chicken wing slingers, hot sauce brands, 3500 visitors, 4 Cocktails and Craft Beer bars

Designed so every Visitor can try over 50 varieties of wings including: Hot wings, BBQ wings, Korean Chicken Wings, Buffalo wings, Guinea fowl wings, Vegan wings, and wings you wouldn't believe could even exist..

Included in the line up for 2021 are:

  Gurt Wings Drums and Flats | | Griedy Wings and Strips The BoK Shop Chicken George Jr | Poor Boys | YAM YAM

...and more to be announced.


Judge for yourself:

To find out who really does the bird the best, we are hosting the inaugural three challenges for the WingJam contenders and asking you to vote on the best,

The winner should strike the balance between the craziest, most creative and ultimately delicious wing..you decide which one turned you on the most


Take part in the WingJam Hot Wing challenge:

For the bravest only we welcome you to Take on the Wingjam HOT WING CHALLENGE, try a selection of the hottest wings submitted by the uk's best wing slingers, and hot sauce leaders...and see if you can handle the heat. 

 featuring Pepper X, Scorpion Sauce and the terrifying Carolina Reaper will be in the mix..


Winners will be rewarded with eternal glory and mother’s pride...

Ticket Information:


Friday Afternoon Ticket: Opens  12.00- Close: 16.00


Friday Evening Ticket: Opens 16.15 - Close: 21:00


        Saturday Afternoon: Opens 11.30 - Close: 16:00 


        Saturday Evening Ticket:  Open 16:15 - Close: 21:00


        Sunday Brunch: Open 10.30 - Close 14.30

Sunday Afternoon Open 13.00 - Close 17.00 

Please Ensure you Arrive on Time at the Opening of your ticket session to ensure you get all the Wings you desire. 



Kingsland Lawns, Museum of the Home, 
136 Kingsland Road, London E2 8EA



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