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Chicken Wing Pairings

Get ready for a flavour adventure with our handpicked cocktail pairings straight from Peckham Arches, perfectly complementing our one-of-a-kind chicken wing lineup.


Whether you're diving into the exotic flavours of Black Curry Wings or enjoying an unusual twist with seaweed, we've matched each wing with just the right cocktail to take your dining experience up a notch!


Classic Buffalo

Buffalo wings, known for their spicy and tangy flavours, pair well with beers that offer a cooling contrast to balance the heat. Pair with a pint of cold beer from Bird house brewery, such as a refreshing lager or a hoppy IPA, to balance the heat and richness of the buffalo sauce.


BBQ wings, with their smoky, sweet, and sometimes slightly spicy flavours, demand a cocktail that can stand up to the robust taste. Pair with a whiskey-based cocktail, like a Bourbon Smash, to complement the smoky sweetness of the BBQ sauce with the depth and warmth of whiskey.



Korean style wings, often characterised by their sweet and spicy sauce with a hint of umami, pair well with cocktails that offer a balance of sweetness and acidity. Enjoy with a chilled cocktail like Picante, to complement the spicy-sweet flavours of the Korean sauce with a refreshing herbal twist.

Lemon Pepper

Lemon pepper wings offer a zesty and slightly spicy flavor profile. Enjoy with a chilled Sauvignon Blanc or a gin and tonic, as the citrusy notes of these drinks beautifully complement the zesty flavour of lemon pepper wings.


Fruity and Berry Flavoured

Berry and fruity wings, combining those sweet flavours with medium heat, require a crisp and fruity cider that serves as an excellent accompaniment, enhancing the fruity notes of the wings without overpowering them.

Spicy Flavoured

The key is to consider the primary flavours and heat level of the wings and choose a pairing that can both complement and provide a refreshing contrast.

Cool down the heat with a Skylarking Margarita or a Passionfruit Mezcalita to refresh your palate while complementing the spiciness of the wings with citrus and salt.

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