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delicious chicken wing at wingjam 2023 - best chicken wing festival in london and beyond

Welcome to WingJam - The Ultimate Chicken Wing Event!

hot wing contest at wingjam 2021 - london's ultimate chicken wing festival

Join the Wing Revolution at WingJam The Ultimate Chicken Wing Celebration!

WingJam: Where the UK's Best Chicken Wings Live

Welcome to WingJam, the ultimate destination for chicken wing lovers! Join us as the UK's top chicken wing vendors gather to battle it out for the prestigious WingJam Championship Belt.

A Chicken Wing Paradise 

Dive into a world where culinary artistry meets bold flavors. Experience the craft of the UK's finest wing artisans, each showcasing their unique twist on this beloved dish. From the fiery depths of spicy wings to the sweet notes of tangy sauces, our festival is a haven for every wing enthusiast. Prepare to savor over 40 varieties of succulent, flavor-packed chicken wings.

What's WingJam All About?

WingJam is a celebration that brings together the best chicken wing slingers from across the country with the best people. Back for the 7th edition of our Wing Festival in Peckham, we're coming in hot for the spring, summer and Winter in 2024.


The Most Delicious and Creative Chicken Wings in the World: with the UK's most innovative Wings all sold for £1-1.50.

Award The WingJam Belt: Judge the intense competition as vendors vie for the symbol of ultimate wing mastery.

Music, Drinks, Giveaways & Competitions:  complete with DJs, live music, hot wing contests, entertainment and giveaways.


What's on at WingJam ?


Ash, WingJam 2023 visitor

“We had the BEST time, thank you! We've been for quite a few years and bringing it back to Peckham was such a vibe! Looking forward to the next year already!"

Mark, owner of Shwings & WingJam Champion

"From start to finish we enjoy ourselves, was epic fun. See you in May!"

Scott Can Eat, Food & Travel Creator

“I really loved WingJam! Was fun, not overly in your face, walked away full and satisfied."

Secure Your Spot at WingJam!

Tickets are selling quickly! Secure yours today and get ready for an unparalleled chicken wing experience at WingJam. 


WingJam is a poultry haven for Foodies, Wing Enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a stunner of a night and day party & a bit of fun with wings from £1 to £1.50 a piece. 

There's a host of live music, DJs, 40 flavours of Chicken Wings, Hot Sauces, Hot Wing Eating Competitions, and a whole lot more. 

We welcome everyone, from all ages to experience the wonders of WingJam.

Get your mates, dates and family involved!



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