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hungry boys mouthwatering chicken wings at wingjam 2023 london's best chicken wing festival


The Wing Paradise

Pineapple, Buffalo, Smokey Honey Jalapeño, Berry, Doughnut, Buffallo, Hot, Korean BBQ, Sticky Toffee, Nacho, Insanely Spicy, Flaming Hot, Tequila, Rum based  ... the WingJam line up is the best is has ever been with talent coming from across the UK.

This goes without saying but expect nothing less than the crème de la crème all £1.25 - £ 1.50 .

For each of our events we bring the best UK wing vendors, providing the best wing variety, all in one place! 

variety of flavors at uk's best chicken wing festival - wingjam
hot entertainment at wingjam - hot wing contest

Hot Wing Contest


Our hot wing contest is pretty awesome but next year its going up to levels. 

At 2024 we're taking the Scoville levels to unprecedented heights, so get ready to witness pain and courage like no other. 


Only the bravest enter. 

Hot Entertainment 


If you're a regular at WingJam every year, you already know the drill. 


Get ready for an electrifying array of attractions, including DJs, a hot sauce market, a craft beer and music room, our legendary Hot Wing Contest (not for the faint of heart), and plenty more exciting surprises yet to be unveiled.

Stay tuned!

happy crowd enjoying their time eating tasty chicken wings at wingjam - uk's best chicken wing festival of all times
peckham arches full of hungry visitors who came to wingjam 2023 for the most delicious wings ever

The Venue

WingJam first launched in Peckham back in 2018, 6 events later we've found our home at the Peckham Arches, a beautiful and multifunctional event space boasting one of the largest all-weather outdoor terraces in Southeast London.  We fell in love with the venue in November 2023 and now are excited to have a home in London.

Located beneath the Peckham Rye Overground, this venue features both indoor and outdoor terraces, two cocktail bars, a gallery, green house and much more

Chicken Wing Pairings

Get ready for a flavour adventure with our handpicked cocktail pairings straight from Peckham Arches, perfectly complementing our one-of-a-kind chicken wing lineup.


Whether you're diving into the exotic flavours of Black Curry Wings or enjoying an unusual twist with seaweed, we've matched each wing with just the right cocktail to take your dining experience up a notch!

Peckham arches cocktails.jpg


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